THIS IMAGE IS ABOUT YOU ~ what do you not see?

This exploration isn’t about those who think they know this woman, and what her cult lobby do; much less is it addressed to those who actually do know, who are few, far between and ruthlessly undesirable; it is to you, who see the image and do not see anything wrong; why it’s just some woman with a stiletto in front of the former World Trade Towers.  Even if you were told by an Honors pupil in college that her gang ripper murdered an innocent woman in Seattle to death as an Aztec style human sacrifice, you would say, “Yi ‘on’t beyeev nyat.”  In light of this, I’m curious about you, as a person.  Why this would be the case.  Since I don’t know you and cannot ask, I can only guess.  Perhaps it is because it allows you, legally, to evade scrutinizing it meaningful.  You do not have to, therefore you won’t.  That’s interesting, from an amateur psychologist point of view, to not see that way.  What does it mean:  to not see?  Are you to blame?  Or, perhaps, are you condemned to be innocent?